The location associated with a particular time clock through the Data Collection Device Management screen, as seen below, will determine which users are allowed to punch at that clock.  The DCD Management screen can be reached by clicking on the ADMIN tab and the DCD Setup navigation link.

To see or modify which ranges or individuals can (or cannot) punch at a particular location, click on the SCHEDULE tab, the Locations navigation link.  This will take you to the Locations screen, seen below.  Then click on the Allowed Users button associated with a particular time clock’s location. 

This will take you to the Allowable Users per Location screen, seen below.

The top section, Ranges, allows you to choose entire ranges of users that will be allowed to punch in at a particular location.  Ranges listed in the Included box will be allowed to punch in at that location’s time clock, and ranges listed in the Excluded box will be unable to punch in at that location’s time clock.  To move a range from one box to the other, click on it to select it (it will be highlighted in blue) and then click one of the center arrows to move it.  To select multiple ranges at once, hold the Ctrl key while you click on each range.  The Ctrl key can also be used to un-select highlighted ranges.

The bottom section, Users, allows you to choose specific users (by name) who may be members of different ranges.  Those in the Included box will be allowed to punch in at that location.  Use the Range pick list to choose a range, and all of the users in the chosen range will be listed in the Excluded scroll box.  Select the desired users and then use the left-pointing single arrow to move them to the Included list.  You can then choose a different range with the Range pick list, which will change the list of users available in the Excluded box, and move selected users from that range into the Included box.  This allows you to create a list of users in the Included box that are not members of the same range.

The single arrows will move only the ranges (in the top section) or users (in the bottom section) that you have selected.  The double arrows will move all of the ranges or users from one box to another.  The double arrows can be useful if all but a few ranges or users are to be moved from one box to the other.  For example, if everyone but those in the Town Clerk range should be allowed to punch in at this location’s time clock, you would use the double arrows to move all of the ranges to the Included box.  Then you would select Town Clerk in the Included box and use the single arrow to move it back to the Excluded box.

As the Included box in the Users section can list users from many different ranges, it is possible to move a user assigned to the Pool range to the Excluded box while it is still displaying the Police range.  This will exclude the user from punching in at that location’s time clock, but it will not assign that user to the range that is currently displaying in the Excluded scroll box.

The default setting for the range and user field is blank.  If both fields remain blank, then all users may punch at this clock.

NOTE: Changes will not be implemented by associated time clocks until after they have been refreshed.