Release notes list all of the changes you will be receiving through an upgrade, which can guide you in testing the changes and taking advantage of new features.

Each change is associated with a revision number in the release notes, which we use as a reference marker for that specific change. There may be gaps between those numbers in your notes—for example, it lists details on revision 2300, 2301, and then 2315—because:

  • Some revisions were released that are specific to other customers, so you won’t be receiving them through your upgrade,
  • Some revisions are “technical updates” that don’t require testing (you don’t care that we added a new column to a database table or tweaked a .js file),

The release notes itemize the changes you may be interested in. They can be somewhat technical in nature, or refer to features you may not be using (or not using yet), so a support team member can meet with you through a “release note meeting” to go over them and answer any questions you may have.

If you are uncertain whether or not you want to get an upgrade, and are curious as to what you would receive if you were to get an upgrade at this time, you can contact support@intellitime.com for a set of release notes.