If a user’s fingerprint is not being recognized by a biometric clock, the issue is most often user error or a change in their fingerprint (a cut, or recently developed calluses).

To rule out or confirm user error, it is recommended that you accompany the user to the clock and watch them punch. Types of user error you may witness are:

  • Entering an incorrect employee number or badge number
  • Placing their finger incorrectly. The finger should be placed flat against the scanner, as it was when enrolled. If they put just the tip of their fingertip on the scanner, or place the finger sideways or rolled to the side, or only place their finger on the scanner for a brief moment, the fingerprint may not be recognized.
  • Using the wrong finger. Each user is enrolled using two fingers, and they should make sure to use one of those two.
  • Employee has glue/paint or other chemicals/materials on their finger

To troubleshoot this, make sure the user has a clean finger and is placing it on the sensor correctly and for the correct amount of time. If this does not work, it is recommended that you reenroll the user. If this does not solve the problem, please contact support@intellitime.com.

Note: Please make sure that if the user’s finger is not recognized they use the other one that they were enrolled with on subsequent attempts.