How to Bind a Chat button with a Specified Agent or Department

You can bind a chat button with a defined agent. After that, the chat requests from this chat button will be routed to the specific agent/department automatically. This is helpful if you want to set up a dedicated chat button for a certain agent.


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to the Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click the Live Chat tab.
  3. Select a campaign from the Campaign drop-down menu. If you have multiple campaigns, make sure that you’re customizing the correct campaign from the drop-down list available under Campaign.
  4. Go to Routing Rules
  5. Turn on the Routing Rules toggle key.
  6. Select Route visitors to a specific department or agent you want to bind your chat button with.
  7. In the Route Visitors to section, select Department and then choose from the Department drop-down list. Set priority from the with priority drop-down. 
  8. Click Save.

You have successfully bound your chat button with an operator/agent. The chat requests from this chat button will be automatically routed to the selected agent or agents in the selected department.

Note: The Chat button defined by this campaign shows online only when the agent or department's status is online.