How to Limit Agents' Access to Comm100 Account


Comm100 provides a series of measures to ensure information security. With IP allowlist, you can protect your system against unauthorized use by restricting agents’ access to a set of trusted IPs. When enabled, your Comm100 account only accepts logins from the IP addresses you added to the allowlist, thus reducing the risk of information leaks. For example, you can disable access from outside the office by adding only the office IP addresses to the allowlist.

Step by Step Instruction

To add authorized IP addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Comm100 Control Panel.
    Note: You need to use an account with the Manage Security permission. An admin account is recommended.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Global Settings > Security > IP Allowlist.kb-clear-IPAllowlist-01.png
  3. Turn on the IP Allowlist toggle key.
  4. Under the Allowed IP List tab, click New IP Range, and input the Start IP and End IP.kb-clear-IPAllowlist-02.png
    • Add your own IP address first. Otherwise, your access is denied after logout.
    • If you enable IP Allowlist and do not add any IP address, access to your Comm100 account is still accepted from any IP address. 
  5. (Optional) To enable IP allowlist for access from Comm100 mobile app, turn on the IP Allowlist for mobile access toggle key under the Advanced tab.
    • Mobile access here refers to access from Comm100 mobile app. 
    • To block all access from the Comm100 mobile app, enable this function and make sure that Allowed IP List is not empty. You can add an IP that will not be used by your agents, for example, "".
    • To block unauthorized mobile access, add the trusted mobile IP addresses to the allowlist.

Notice about the Use of IP Allowlist

After IP Allowlist is enabled, only authorized IP addresses on the allowlist have access to your Comm100 account. Your agents cannot log in to Comm100 if their IP address changes, for example, when they work remotely.

  • When agents log in to the Comm100 Control Panel or Agent Console from an unauthorized IP, they are prompted to contact admins.kb-clear-IPAllowlist-05.png
  • When admins log in to the Comm100 Control Panel or Agent Console from an unauthorized IP, they have the option to authorize the current IP. If the admin chooses the authorize option, the system sends an email for IP authorization to the admin, and the admin can click the link in the email to authorize the IP.
    kb-clear-IPAllowlist-04.pngIf the IP addresses of all agents’ have changed, the admin can authorize the current IP first, then add the new IP addresses of agents to the allowlist.