What are Chat Group Tags and how to set them up

Chat Group Tags are a useful feature for clients with differently branded websites. Adding Chat Group Tags to your live chat code means that if a visitor chats on one of your websites and later initiates another chat on a different website, Comm100 will record those chats under separate visitor records – even if that visitor uses the same IP address and browser for both visits.

Add Chat Group Tags to your Comm100 Live Chat Code

The Chat Group Tags are defined as follows:

Comm100API.chatGroup = group_number;

You can replace the “group_number” with any natural number. Simply locate Comm100 Live Chat JavaScript Code on your website and add the tag. Example:

Comm100API.chatGroup = 1;


If you are using the old version of Live Chat Code, you can add the code to this area:


That’s it! Now chats initiated by the same visitor on different websites will appear under separate visitor records.



Note: As our live chat system recognizes the same visitor from their browser cookies, if they visit your website using different web browsers or from different computers, their chats will be separated by default.