Why Can't I Send WhatsApp Messages?

This article helps you solve the problem that you cannot send WhatsApp messages.


After integrating my WhatsApp account with Comm100, I am unable to send messages.


Once integrated, Twilio doesn't automatically add the required Area Code to the WhatsApp number when shared with Comm100. As a result, the outgoing messages from Comm100 fail to reach the customer.

For example, in the case of the Brazilian WhatsApp number, if your WhatsApp number is registered with an Area Code (11) as +55 11 40200245 on Twilio, then, when shared with Comm100, is set to +55 40200245.


You need to add an Area Code to the outgoing WhatsApp number to send WhatsApp messages from Comm100.

To add Area Code for a connected WhatsApp Business account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Ticketing & Messaging > Channels > WhatsApp page.
  3. On the Channel Account tab, go to the Operations column of the WhatsApp account and click Edit phone number to add Area Code.
  4. On the Edit Phone Number popup, update the WhatsApp number to include Area Code in the Phone number field.
  5. Click Save.kb-areacode-02.png

    The Area Code for a connected WhatsApp Business account is added successfully.

You can also verify the complete number with the Area Code from your Twilio. You must log in to Twilio Console from https://www.twilio.com/login and navigate to Develop > Messaging > WhatsApp Senders.