Why Can’t I Receive WhatsApp Messages?

This article helps you solve the problem that you cannot receive WhatsApp messages. 


After integrating my WhatsApp account with Comm100, I am unable to receive messages. 


There are two possible reasons for the issue you are experiencing:  

  • Your Twilio number is not enabled for WhatsApp. 
  • The Webhook URL you are using is not correct. 


  1. Log in to your Twilio account. 
  2. Check in Twilio > Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp senders that your account has been approved. 
  3. If your account is already approved, check the Webhook URL for incoming messages.
  4. Modify the Webhook URL as “https://messagingproxy.comm100.io/messagingproxy/mmm61yylzxl5va6i/whatsapp/whatsapp:{phonenumber}”. 

    You need to use your account number in place of {phonenumber}. For example, for Comm100, our Webhook URL is https://messagingproxy.comm100.io/messagingproxy/mmm61yylzxl5va6i/whatsapp/whatsapp:16475593520.
  5. Click Save

To know about the messaging proxy URL, you can chat with us