How to Add My Accounts to Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging

Comm100 allows you to connect with your email, SMS, and Social accounts. You can add your email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, LINE, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channel accounts to Comm100. Comm100 also provides Messenger and Secure Messaging channel for asynchronous messaging services. You can choose to integrate your existing accounts with Comm100 or use services provided by Comm100.  

Follow the guides to add your accounts to Comm100. 

  • Email: To learn on how to connect your email accounts, see this article.
  • Twitter and FacebookTo learn on how to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, see this article. 
  • Instagram: To learn how to connect your Instagram accounts, see this article.
  • Telegram: To learn how to integrate your Telegram account, see this article
  • WeChat: To learn how to integrate your WeChat account, see this article.
  • LINE: To learn how to integrate your LINE account, see this article.
  • WhatsApp: To learn how to integrate your WhatsApp account, see this article.
  • SMS: To learn how to integrate your SMS channel, see this article.
  • Messenger: To learn how to configure Messenger, see this article.
  • Secure Messaging: To learn how to configure Secure Messaging, see this article.
  • Signal: To learn how to integrate your Signal account, see this article