Release Update (Apr 07, 2022) | Secure Messaging

This release update provides an overview of the Secure Messaging feature newly added to Ticketing & Messaging.

Secure Messaging is a front-end and server-based approach to enable end-to-end secure communication with your clients and protect sensitive data. Your client can immediately start confidential and authenticated conversations from any part of the world.     

Once your Secure Messaging is in place: 

  • You can add a new Secure Messaging channel account from your Control Panel.
  • You can create Views and answer the Secure Messaging tickets from your Agent Console. 
  • You can also Enable or Disable any Secure Messenger and use certain conditions while configuring the Routing Rules, Triggers, and SLAs.
  • You can use the Credit Card Masking feature for the Secure Messaging channel.
  • You can configure the Secure Messaging Security from your Control Panel.

To learn more about Secure Messaging, see this article. release notes 1.png

You can also customize your Secure Messaging to resonate with the look and feel of your website.

To learn more about customization, security, and installation, see the following articles on Branding, Forms, Attachment, Security, and Installation. release notes 2.png