Release Update (Sept 20, 2022) | Contact Management and Outreach (SMS)

This release update provides an overview of the new Comm100 Contact and Outreach Management.

Contact Management

Contact management is essential to managing customer relationships effectively. To help businesses personalize interactions with their customers, Comm100 provides contact management to collect and organize contacts. With Comm100 contact management, you can collect and manage contacts from Live Chat, email, SMS, and social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.


Contact field customization allows you to organize the customers using information specific to your business requirements. With organized contact information, you can send personalized messages to customers and automate sending messages to target customers.field.png


Outreach Management

Comm100 Outreach is a messaging system that allows organizations to reach out to their customers on a mass level. Based on the Comm100 Contact Management system, outreach campaigns allow you to deliver messages to targeted customer groups in an automated and personalized way. 

Comm100 Outreach Management starts from the SMS channel. With SMS Outreach, you can send notifications directly to customers' phones, thus improving touch rate and customer engagement.

Comm100 Outreach can also combine with the benefits of the Comm100 ticketing system, allowing you to follow up efficiently after customers reply.ticketing-.png