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Task Bot
How to Build a Task Bot
IntroductionA Task Bot is a bot that automates rule-based and repetitive actions to help improve your team's productivity and efficiency.It allows businesses to increase customer engagement on their website and provide theircustomers with an "always-on"...
How to Use Webhooks in Task Bot
Comm100 Task Bot allows you to send and receive data to an external server or third-party services like Salesforce, Zendesk, Zapier, etc, using Webhook. By using the HTTP POST method, Task Bot Webhook can perform RESTful operations as per your business ...
How to Use the Task Bot Reporting
Comm100's Task Bot reporting serves as a useful tool for measuring the achievements of the Task Bot. It provides in-depth knowledge about your Task Bot. It also helps you find out areas where your Task Bot needs improvement based on specific metrics so ...
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