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Agent Assist
Understanding Agent Assist
Immediate and accurate responses to customer queries are the key to higher customer satisfaction. Providing automated, just-in-time assistance to your agents makes it easier for your team to deliver excellent service.Agent Assist is a virtual assistant ...
How to Use Agent Assist on the Agent Console
Comm100 Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps improve agent work efficiency by providing them with high-quality answer suggestions and generating a quick summary for chats and tickets.After Agent Assist is enabled and properly set u...
Understanding Agent Assist Score
Agent Assist uses a scoring system to match visitor questions with existing help resources (Knowledge Base, Canned messages, and Chatbot Intents). The Score can be adjusted within a range of 0 to 100. When a question is asked, Agent Assist calculates th...
Agent Assist Getting Started Guide
About Agent AssistAgent Assist is a virtual assistant that operates side-by-side with agents. It helps the agents to resolve customer queries by presenting them with answer suggestions and generating summaries for chats and tickets.Agent Assist presents...
Agent Assist Learning
After being launched, Agent Assist continuously evolves and improves by learning from new questions. You can train Agent Assist using the questions sent by customers but cannot be recognized by Agent Assist to help it become smarter. The more you train,...
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