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How to Customize the Messenger Window
The Messenger Window is the window which appears on your visitor’s side. You can customize the window to match the style of your website.  Step by Step Instructions To customize the Messenger Window, follow these steps:Log in to your Comm100 Control Pan...
How to Configure and Manage Messenger
IntroductionComm100 Messenger allows you to offer round-the-clock service and let your customers reply according to their own schedules. You and your customers can message each other in the same conversation, and there are no more missed chats. This giv...
How to Customize the Messenger Launcher
The Messenger Launcher tab of your Messenger lets you customize the color and the offset position of the Adaptive launcher icon for both Desktop and Mobile views. Step by Step InstructionsTo customize the Messenger launcher, follow these steps:Log in to...
How to Install Messenger
Installing the Messenger is the first step to getting it up on your website. You need to get the code from your Comm100 account and paste the code into your website’s HTML files.This article guides you through steps to install Messenger on your website....
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