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Desktop & Mobile App
How to Install and Uninstall Comm100 Live Chat Desktop and Mobile Apps
Comm100 Live Chat Agent Console is the software where your agents chat with your customers. To meet your requirements under different occassions, Comm100 offers multiple live chat apps: cross-platform compatible Web App, user-friendly Desktop App, and h...
What is the Difference between the Live Chat Web App and Desktop App Agent Console
Comm100 Agent Console allows your agents to monitor visitors on your website in real-time, as well as chat with your visitors and collaborate with other agents. You can use our Web App Agent Console or our Desktop App Agent Console or both when using Co...
How to Update Comm100 Agent Console
With Comm100 Live Chat, to view visitors’ information and history, monitor visitors’ activities, or chat with visitors, you need to log in to the Comm100Agent Console.Comm100 Agent Console is available on three platforms:Web App, Desktop App and Mobile ...
How to Install and Uninstall Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App on macOS
Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App works on both Windows and Mac. Compared to the Web App, the desktop app provides additional features, such as displaying pop-up alerts, automatically launching when the computer starts, and so on. This guide walks you throu...
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